Terms Of Use


Terms of Use

I am aware that this login page is only for the purpose of verification of the transactions undertaken from and out of the amount invested by me with the proprietor of this website, i.e., M/s Wealth Vruddhi Financial Services and that no direct transaction of investmentscan be done by me through this account.

I confirm having read and understood the terms and conditions of thecontract/agreement entered between me and M/s Wealth Vruddhi Financial Services with respect to the services provided and the concurrent fees charged,and I accept and agree to be bound by such terms and conditions of the said contract/agreement.

I am aware that the information shared/given by me is maintained with utmost confidence and that the information so provided will not be disclosed to any person/authority except as required under any law/regulatory requirements.

However, I also understand and agree that, upon my express permission, the information provided by me may be disclosed to any person or authority at any given time.

I agree that any dispute arising with respect to either the agreement/contract entered between us, or any dispute with respect to any of the services provided to me shall be resolved amicably through a sole arbitrator at Bangalore. The courts/tribunals at Bangalore and the laws governing them shall have the complete jurisdiction over any dispute/difference that may arise between us.

I agree that investments in securities carries risk and notwithstanding any recommendation made, I will take buy/sell decisions at my sole discretion after evaluating such risk and shall not hold M/s Wealth Vruddhi Financial Services liable for any loss arising from such purchase/sales.

I agree not to indulge in any irregular activities like synchronized trading, price ramp-up etc., resulting in violation of rules and regulations of the exchange. I am aware that indulging myself in any such activity, shall entitle M/s Wealth Vruddhi Financial Services to terminate the relationship and the contract/agreement entered between us.

I confirm that all the information that is provided/ will be provided by me is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and that I have not concealed any material information necessary in making the correct investment decisions for me. I understand and agree that any loss incurring on account of the false/incorrect information provided by me will be my sole responsibility and liability.

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