Returns Management Service

Simple fixed deposits I Stocks I Mutual funds I Commodities I Complicated structured products.
We have no emotions attached to any asset class, scheme or company. We help you buy the right mix of these for your returns needs, monitor and make changes required. 
Superior returns management ensures your wealth grows even when you don’t earn and add.

Target Return, in the select period

  • You choose amongst 3 options, 12%, 15% and 15%+
  • If we get 10% first year, 15% second year, average is 12.5%, we mean this average
  • Minimum investment is 5 Lakhs & minimum period is 3 years
  • Capital safety is planned @12% & @15%

You can get monthly cash @ 1%

  • For 50 Lacs capital, you can get Rs.50,000 on first working day of every month
  • Money comes to your linked savings bank account and your capital remains intact
  • No upper limit, 2 Cr gets you 2 Lacs, 10 Cr gets you 10 Lacs every month
  • We also ensure you pay lower tax on this monthly income as per current tax laws

It is just fundamentals made to work

  • As financial distributors, we have debt products, equity, commodity, & innovative structured plans
  • Our expertise is to suggest right mix for 12%, 15% or 15%+ return
  • Outcome is actively monitored every quarter, for necessary changes
  • All this done in your own account with your understanding and approval

Success rate

In last 3 years, we have never missed agreed return even once.

That speaks about our expertise of right mix of products in a given economic situation.

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Cash flow Management Services

Cash flow management services brings total clarity on what you have (assets), what you owe to others (liabilities), how much you need to earn for now and future.

  • Many people, who have 2 Cr worth of apartment, they get Rs.20000 rent per month, in a year that is 2.4 lakhs which is just around 1% in a year.
  • There are people who keep 15 Lacs in SB account for 6 months, not knowing that they are losing Rs.30k even @ 0.5% interest
There are huge majority, of people who earn well but do not know where it all goes.

Detailed data capture & confidentiality

  • You will share the required financial information of your family
  • You will fill in the details of properties, investments, loans, and the like
  • You will fill in your monthly & annual income, monthly & annual expense
  • Safety & confidentiality of data is secured

Interaction with expert

  • An online WebEx meeting with expert to understand where you stand
  • You will have clarity on current income, targeted income & gaps if any
  • Clarity of current savings, targeted savings, both monthly or lump sum
  • Restructuring of any idle property and clear action points within a week

Execution & regular monitoring

  • Support team will help you open online investment accounts
  • Available monthly surplus or lump sum is invested to generate target returns
  • Quarterly review of all the outcomes happen with expert
  • You will approve the suggested changes and same is executed

Clarity about all that you have

You work for only what you need and know when you can stop working.

You know you will never face a financial crisis and life is all smiling.

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