About Finmo

FinMo : The End to End solution in Personal Finance

FinMo as we all know is short form of Financial Moksha, a status that ensures cash flow for all expenses, from your accumulated assets. Some families may be in Asset creation phase and some may be in a stage where they enjoy cash flow from their Asset's growth.

FinMo is for individual and families, strictly focus on financial well being of individual and families.

FinMo for your Family Economics:

FinMo works on your family economics putting together all your financial data, and aligning it to your present & future needs, brining analysis under 4 dashboards

  1. My Life & Health Cover
  2. My Family Income & Surplus
  3. My Family Goals & Gaps
  4. My Family Assets & Loan

The First Review with FinMo Expert, and subsequent periodic reviews will help you maximise your savings, reduce unnecessary expenses, and have sufficient cash surplus for any emergencies.

Many Clients wonder how things change as the time go by, families become stronger financially & reduce emotional disturbances.

FinMo as your Investment Manager:

FinMo aligns all your investible surplus and create a portfolio of Lumpsum & Monthly Savings. The Portfolio of Regulator approved Plans that is best suited to specific needs is dynamically managed by FinMo Experts with approval from Clients.

You will be able to see the Lumpsum Portfolio, Monthly Savings Portfolio, along with Planned Withdrawals, updated on a regular basis and steering ahead making suitable changes to achieve the objective of Capital Protection with growth over & above Bank FD.


Success rate

In last 3 years, we have never missed agreed return even once.

That speaks about our expertise of right mix of products in a given economic situation.

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FinMo Community: The Value Added Service

The Personal nature of the business, makes us closer to families we manage, often we feel we are a family. Since we understand our clients so well, their aspirations, their likes & dislikes, we are in a way privileged and we can do wonders if we simply connect them to right people who have similar areas of interests.

As individuals, we are often confused as to what we like unless we experience something outside our interests. We do not know, what gets connected to us so well, if it is our true instinct. For this we should have an exposure, give it a chance to see what is our areas of interest, and also outside our areas of interest.

FinMo Community creates exclusive & engaging content on FinMo App and exciting events for all to participate and explore the emerging trends in the following areas:

  • Indian Culture & Heritage
  • Caring for Environment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Music & Arts
  • Experiential Travel
  • Cooking & baking

You will find engaging content from Eminent people in these areas and also events to explore what is in it for you.

FinMo Community Events are the ones you should be looking for in the weekends & chose the one's that interests you to participate, to learn, share and enjoy. It is for all ages, all in your families, and you can add your friends to FinMo Community too!

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