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Wealth is meant to be measured in terms of Returns!

Our Returns Calculator is an innovative tool to understand how your investments, made in past several years, are performing as of now. It helps you to take corrective measures to ensure you are in line with your expectations. If it takes a bit of effort from you to key in the details, we think it is worth the effort.

Investment 1


Investment 1


Summary of Returns

Here you go! Your returns on all the investments you entered are shown below.

Total Returns
Real/Post Inflation Returns*
on all investments
Post Tax Returns **

It is possible to
achieve a higher growth rate
associating with Wealth Vruddhi!
* This is the approximate average returns/year for the given period     ** Average inflation rate for the period of investment is %

Individual investment details

  • Returns Calculator which is available free of cost in this web page/ website is designed to give an overview of returns that could be earned by any person on any single or many or mixed investment/s made/ proposed to be made for a specific period.
  • The data input and/or the results generated by the calculator in this website can be downloaded. However, the data so entered/ report or returns generated by the calculator are not recorded by the proprietor of the website M/s. Wealth Vruddhi Financial Services and as such the data entered is safe and private.
  • Every effort has been put by us in ensuring the accuracy of the calculator, it may not be accurate at all times, given the technical glitches that may erupt due to unforeseen circumstances/events. Thus, the accuracy of the result generated is not warranted/ confirmed.
  • The proprietor or designer of this website/ returns calculator, or Wealth Vruddhi Financial Services is not and cannot be held responsible for any decision/s or investments made based upon the results generated by this calculator. Wealth Vruddhi Financial Services shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with the use of the calculator.
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