How it works

An imported car, expensive sofa, a luxury apartment, or a 6 digit monthly salary is not wealth.
Wealth is the money value of what you own.

Two of our services help you KNOW and GROW the money-value of your wealth.


Enrolment on invitation only

As soon you get an invite, you will join the “Wealth-Vruddhi F R I E N D S” group.
You can sign up at your convenience. Also, You can invite others who you think will benefit. As soon you sign up for any service with us, you will join the
“Wealth-Vruddhi F A M I L Y”.


Select from two services

Choose “Returns Management” if you have a lump sum investment either fresh or by closing some of existing ones.

Choose “Cash Flow Management” if you want total clarity of all your cash needs, this includes return management too.


Interaction & Execution

You will interact with an expert, understand and approve the suggested solutions on e-mail or over phone or in a video conference.

Our support team will help you open an online investment account & execute the agreed solution


Monitoring & Updates

Outcomes are monitored, documented and updated to you from an expert every 3 months.
You will understand & approve the changes for our Admin to execute.
This process repeats every quarter. This service is renewed every year

How it worked for Badarinath Mathad?

A Former Manager, Process Excellence, Wipro Technologies

An accomplished, motivated and versatile professional consultant with over 20 years of experience working with Wipro Technologies, out of which 9+ years worked at Client sites in USA & UK.  Before that he served 11 years in ISRO as a scientist.

What he has to say about his experience with Wealth Vruddhi?
Watch the video.

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