Wealth Vruddhi as an organisation

1What is Wealth Vruddhi as a legal entity?
  • Wealth Vruddhi Financial Services is registered partnership firm, authorised to act as distributor, sub-broker, dealing with shares, securities, commodity derivatives, mutual funds, etc., and through association with other SEBI registered service providers.
2What is the purpose of Wealth Vruddhi?
  • Objective of Wealth Vruddhi is to ensure clients buy what they need and what is good for them, and get confidence to invest beyond LIC, FDs & PPF for superior returns. The regular one to one quarterly reviews & market updates enable real time understanding.
3What is special about Wealth Vruddhi?
  • Though as a distributor, we can sell anything you want, we have packaged these to meet your ultimate goal that is returns, without compromising on the capital safety. Hence we have Returns management Service.
  • Financial happiness is all about having cash when it is required whether now or in future. We have packaged the best practices in the personal economics into a tool that helps you manage your cash income most effectively. We call this Cash flow management Service.

Unique Returns Calculator

1Why Returns Calculator?
  • Because someone or the other we get into many investment schemes and often lose track in our work and family pressures. It is your money and you need to know if it is growing or not. It can be dangerous if ignored for many years. Returns calculator helps you to know how your money is growing and take corrective action.
2How is it Unique?
  • You can add any investment be it is LIC, PPF, FD or stocks or mutual funds from any time period, be it one month or 10 years or 50 years.
  • You can enter your investment, whether it is one time, or same amount invested regularly or different amounts in different time periods.
  • On clicking calculate, you will get the consolidated average return per year for all your investments for the entire period in one go.
  • Results show your Total Returns, Post Tax returns, and Post inflation Returns, you can download the result as a pdf file and analyse each and every investment.
3 How to use Returns Calculator?
  • You need to have this three information ready, to use returns calculator for each of your investment
    • How you invested, one time, fixed amount every month/quarterly/half yearly or yearly or different amount in different time periods
    • How much you invested and date of investment
    • What is its current value
  • The results show you what returns you have earned for all your investments for entire period and also for each of the individual investments.
  • You can download this report and analyse which one has performed and which one has not.
  • It does take some time & effort to use, when you see the results, one can realise it is worth the time spent.
4What is the benefit of Return calculator?
  • Every rupee that we earn comes at the cost of time sacrificed with family and if we ignore the money we invested for a long time, it leads to crisis situations. Returns Calculator helps you take control.
  • Investments provide for your future cash needs. Using Returns calculator & taking corrective steps you can secure your future.

Enrolment Process

1Why registration is only through invitation?
  • You would have noticed the services of wealth Vruddhi is unique & first of its kind and only someone who has experienced can explain this to others
  • To offer these special services it is very important to know the profile of people before signing up, if it suits them.
  • Only those who know us and have experienced our services will have the option to send invitations.
2What is “Wealth Vruddhi F R I E N D S group”?
  • All those who receive invitations to sign up, are enrolled to “F R i e n d S” group.
  • They remain in the “F R i E N D S” group till they sign up. They are at their ease to sign up whenever they want to.
  • While they can take time to understand more about us, they can invite their friends or relatives to join the “F R I E N D S” Group.
  • This group will be a Private, FaceBook community where they get to see authentic market updates and updates about activities of Wealth Vruddhi.
  • They can exit the group if it does not interest them.
3What is “Wealth Vruddhi F A M I L Y group”?
  • All our existing clients & all those who sign up will form the “F A M I L Y” GROUP.
  • All the F A M I L Y members will have the option to send invitations to their friends, relatives or colleagues to join Wealth vruddhi “F R I E N D S” group.
  • F A M I L Y group will be a private FaceBook community exclusively for clients of Wealth Vruddhi to share authentic market updates and updates on activities of Wealth Vruddhi.
  • All the personalised financial services & transactions happen privately between client & wealth Vruddhi, only general information common to all is shared in FaceBook group.
  • It is mandatory for all the clients to be available on FaceBook & WhatsApp Broadcast, for general communication till we come up with our own technology platform which we are working on.
4 I am a total stranger, how can I sign up?
  • If you are a visitor to the website and you are interested to sign up, please submit the “Request invite” form
  • One of us will get in touch to know you more before sending the invitation link.

Returns Management Service-RMS

1What is Returns Management Service?
  • When you invest in FD you know you are getting 7% for next 3 years or 5 years or whatever the period you chose.
  • Similarly in Returns Management Service, you chose the targeted returns & time period from available option.
  • We suggest mix of investment schemes & implement to achieve the same.
2What are the targeted Returns options & option of Time periods?
  • There are 3 Returns options, 12%, 15% and 15%+
  • The time period is 3 years, 5 years and 5+ years
  • You can chose any combinations, 12% for 5 years, 15% for 5+ years etc.,
3How is the targeted returns delivered?
  • If you plan to invest 50 Lakhs for 12% for 5 years, we split 50 lakhs into combination of 3-4 investments in planned proportion to safeguard capital and still generate 12%
  • You will open online investment accounts under Wealth Vruddhi distribution, and know exactly how much is invested where to achieve 12%
  • We will analyse & review the returns performance with you quarterly, and make changes to the combinations if required after taking your approval.
  • We do not explain any product before investing, but do so with actual performance every quarter in a quick 15 minutes personal meeting.
  • In last 3 years we have never missed targeted returns even once.
4Like FD interest can be taken monthly or quarterly can I withdraw returns here?
  • Yes. You can do so only for 12% Option irrespective of the time period.
  • If you invested 50 Lakh you can get Rs.50,000 to your bank account on first working day of every month.
  • We will also minimise the tax payable on this monthly withdrawals in line with applicable tax laws.
5What is the safety for my capital?
  • Safety of the capital is our first priority and through the combination of safe investment schemes we ensure safety of capital for 12% & 15%.
  • For 15%+ options, there is possibility of negative returns for few months or few quarters, it is meant for the risk takers.
6Can I take the capital in case of emergency?
  • While capital has to stay invested for the entire term to generate targeted returns, we are flexible to provide a portion of capital when needed for emergency before the period.
  • In such circumstances the targeted returns may not be achieved.
7Is there a written guarantee for the target returns?
  • Wealth Vruddhi does not guarantee to deliver the targeted return
  • The combination of investment schemes together with dynamic local and global economic events affects the achievement of targeted returns
  • Based on our expertise & past records, we believe, the difference between targeted and actual returns may not be too big.
8 Is there a transparency about how & where the money is invested?
  • While signing up for service, you will chose the returns & period options
  • Our experts will get in touch with you on phone or a web meeting to explain the combination of investment scheme
  • Our admin support help you open online investment account & invest in the combination suggested
  • You can view these investments on your Mobile App real time and do all transaction with admin support
  • You will understand about the performance of these investments and required changes to be made during 15 minutes quarterly review
9Is the investment amount paid to Wealth Vruddhi?
  • You will only pay the fee for Wealth Vruddhi Services to us
  • Your entire investment amount, you will pay directly to the respective company partnered with us for distribution.
10 What is the Fee?
  • The annual fee for RMS is 0.5% of the investment amount. If you invest 20 lakhs, you will pay Rs.10,000+service tax. Next year, if value is 25 Lakhs on the day of renewal, you will pay 0.5% of 25 lakhs, i.e., Rs.12,500+service tax.
  • Minimum investment is 5 lakhs/family(spouse-kids-parents) & Minimum fee is Rs.5000/-
11 How easy is to enrol to RMS?
  • While you click on the sign up link in the invitation email, registration page opens up
  • Chose RMS service, key in investment amount, chose returns from 12%, 15% & 15%+, period from 3Yrs, 5 years or 5 year plus
  • Confirm selection and pay the fee online through debit/credit card or netbanking, you will soon join the Wealth Vruddhi F A M I L Y.

Cash Flow Management Service-CFM Service

1Why I need to know my cash flow?
  • If you know your cash needs, you know how much you need to earn, and how much you need to save for future cash needs.
  • You can generate Assets that can give you cash like rental income or investment income even when you don’t want to work.
2What is cash flow management Service?
  • It is the tool to help you manage your excess income to create bigger assets or if you already have assets, helps you generate cash for your needs by putting to use fundamental economic principles.
  • You will be required to share all the information of family members & properties you own, loans you need to pay, your monthly & annual income and expenses, in addition to future requirements.
3 What personal & financial information is required for this?
  • Personal information like name, email, income, properties owned by all the earning members of family & also all the liabilities like Loans outstanding, monthly EMIs etc.,
  • Name, date of birth of your kids and parents
  • Aspirations like amount you need for your kid’s for their graduation, marriage etc including your retirement.
4 Why should I share so much data?
  • Only when you share all this data, it is possible to understand and suggest the right cash flow practise that is specific to your requirements
  • It is possible to give you a total clarity of what you have and what you need to earn, and when you can stop working.
5 What is the safety of personal & financial information shared?
  • We have “ https” secured website and the technology is used for online data security with encryption
  • Even when we share the files over email, files will be password protected
  • We continuously upgrade the technology to ensure data security and safety.
6How CFM services benefit me and my family?
  • CFM will show you in one document, your entire financial standing as of now in terms of what you have and what you need for your family
  • Everything you do to earn after this becomes meaningful because you don’t waste single rupee or an asset idle.
  • Even those who have earned well are not sure if they are financially secured, CFM gives you the clarity and with quarterly reviews you become well aware of your financial position and that gives the tremendous peace of mind.
7How long I need to use CFM service?
  • Easily for next 15-20 years, you will be using these services with annual renewal. Since it is cash management, it never actually ends.
8How many families have been already using these services?
  • About 70 families have seen the benefits in last 2-3 years in the pilot project.
9 How is CFM Service different from RMS?
  • CFM is a holistic personal economics for your family which includes Returns management. RMS is only limited to investment amount and generating the targeted returns.
10 What is the fee?
  • Annual Fee for CFM Service if based on the family income.
  • If the family annual income is between 15L & 25L, it is Rs.15,000+taxes.
  • If the family annual income is between 25L & 50L, is it Rs.25,000+taxes
  • If the family annual income is above 50L, is it Rs.50,000+taxes
11How easy it is to enrol to CFM Service?
  • Unlike RMS, it takes quite an effort to enter all the financial & personal information before signing up for CFM services.
  • It takes minimum 30 minutes to key in if you have all the details readily available. Make sure you do it leisurely with the help of your spouse to make sure you enter correct information.
  • After the details entered, you can chose the returns option, and confirm the details
  • System captures the fee based on your family income data and you can pay online to join the Wealth Vruddhi F A M I L Y
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