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Financial decisions be it buying a house, investment plan or hiring an advisor, should not be done in an impulse. one needs to carefully evaluate, verify the background and the credentials, understand what the product or service you are buying does for you, at what cost and whether it really benefits you

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FinMo & FinMoLITE Services?

About FinMo

FinMo is a highly evolved personal finance solution, specially created for your family. FinMo combines technology with a caring human touch. While the FinMo App keeps your critical financial data for monitoring, the seasoned FinMo-Expert, will be with you to help you take right decision & do right things in time.

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About FinMo LITE

While FinMo is an end to end financial solution for families, FinMo LITE caters to all those who invest in Bank FD but has a desire to get more than FD, without compromising on the safety of the Capital. If you have at least Rs.5,00,000 and ready to wait for next 3 years, FinMo LITE is just right for you. What more, you can even do a monthly saving with a minimum amount of Rs.5000

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  • I signed up for Returns Management Service six months back. Part of my total investment, Rs.300,000 invested in commodities-Gold futures, for OCT-16 to DEC-16, profit of Rs.40240 was credited to my bank account in Jan-17, a whopping 13% in 3 months, I could not believe. Beauty is when i came to know that how this worked in the review. Wealth Vruddhi not just generates returns, but let us know how it is done. That is special.
    Sathish Rao
    Business Entrepreneur, Respicare
  • I have been using Cash-flow management Service, for last 3 years. The quarterly reviews helped me, keep track of my cash-flows in spite of busy work schedule. My investment is growing at 27% per year & know exactly from where this 27% growth came from. That excites me
    Achyuthan Paunduranga
    Hewlett Packard

What FinMo COSTS You

FinMo is a service package designed by Wealth Vruddhi Financial Services, A SEBI approved financial services firm. You will sign up with a professional service agreement, that ensures safety of your personal and financial information and a well-regulated code of conduct to work in your interest.


Initial Sign Up Fee: Rs.5000
At the time of execution of the Plan: 0.5% of the Lumpsum Portfolio less the initial fee with applicable GST for First Year. Any increase in investment is charged on prorate basis for the time remaining till the Renewal Next year. Then on, 0.5% of Portfolio Value on Renewal.


One Time Fee (3 Years): 2% of Investment
You will open a demat account with Motilal Oswal Financial Services and subscribe to advisory product FinMOLITE on the Motilal platform and transfer the investment amount along with the Fee. It can be renewed every 3 years.


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