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Personal finance does not work with absolute strangers. All those who enroll would have received an invite from us or from any of our existing clients or registered Guests on our portal.
If you don’t have an invite, submit “Request invite” form, we will get in touch to know more about you..

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Wealth Vruddhi Services?

About FinMo

FinMo as we all know is short form of Financial Moksha, a status that ensures cash flow for all expenses, from your accumulated assets. Some families may be in Asset creation phase and some may be in a stage where they enjoy cash flow from their Asset's growth. FinMo is for individual and families, strictly focus on financial well being of individual and families.

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FinMo Community

The Personal nature of the business, makes us closer to families we manage, often we feel we are a family. Since we understand our clients so well, their aspirations, their likes & dislikes, we are in a way privileged and we can do wonders if we simply connect them to right people who have similar areas of interests.

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  • I signed up for Returns Management Service six months back. Part of my total investment, Rs.300,000 invested in commodities-Gold futures, for OCT-16 to DEC-16, profit of Rs.40240 was credited to my bank account in Jan-17, a whopping 13% in 3 months, I could not believe. Beauty is when i came to know that how this worked in the review. Wealth Vruddhi not just generates returns, but let us know how it is done. That is special.
    Sathish Rao
    Business Entrepreneur, Respicare
  • I have been using Cash-flow management Service, for last 3 years. The quarterly reviews helped me, keep track of my cash-flows in spite of busy work schedule. My investment is growing at 27% per year & know exactly from where this 27% growth came from. That excites me
    Achyuthan Paunduranga
    Hewlett Packard
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